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Books # Year Title
3 2022 Quantum Physics of Semiconductor Materials and Devices
2 2019 High-Frequency GaN Electronic Devices
1 2007 Polarization Effects in Semiconductors: From Ab-Initio Theory to Device Applications
Year Paper # Journal/DOI Title (pdf)
492 APL Ultrawide bandgap semiconductor heterojunction p--n diodes with distributed polarization-doped p-type AlGaN layers on bulk AlN substrates
491 APL Accumulation and removal of Si impurities on beta-Ga2O3 arising from ambient air exposure
490 APL Materials Growth, catalysis, and faceting of alpha-Ga2O3 and alpha-InxGa(1- x) 2O3 on m-plane alpha-Al2O3 by molecular beam epitaxy
2023 489 JVSTA Why thermal laser epitaxy aluminum sources yield reproducible fluxes in oxidizing environments
488 APL Materials Excitonic and deep-level emission from N-and Al-polar homoepitaxial AlN grown by molecular beam epitaxy
487 ACS Photonics Optical dipole structure and orientation of GaN defect single-photon emitters
486 IEEE ISAF Design and Implementation of an AlScN-Based FeMEMS Multiplier for In-Memory Computing Applications
485 APEX RF operation of AlN/Al{0.25}Ga{0.75}N/AlN HEMTs with fT/fmax of 67/166 GHz
484 APL Materials Growth of beta-Ga2O3 and epsilon/kappa-Ga2O3 on AlN (0001) by molecular-beam epitaxy
483 Materials Research Letters Thermal conductivity enhancement of aluminum scandium nitride grown by molecular beam epitaxy
482 AIP Advances An electron paramagnetic resonance study of the electron transport in heavily Si-doped high Al content AlGaN
481 APL Non-alloyed ohmic contacts to (010) beta-Ga2O3 with low contact resistance
480 APL Epitaxial lattice-matched AlScN/GaN distributed Bragg reflectors
479 Phys. Rev. Materials Growth windows of epitaxial NbNx films on c-plane sapphire and their structural and superconducting properties
478 APL AlN/AlGaN/AlN quantum well channel HEMTs
477 APL Polarization-induced 2D electron gases in N-polar AlGaN/AlN heterostructures on single-crystal AlN substrates
476 Scientific Reports Dephasing by Optical Phonons in GaN Defect Single-Photon Emitters
475 EDL 15 GHz Epitaxial AlN FBARs on SiC Substrates
474 JVSTA Why thermal laser epitaxy aluminum sources yield reproducible fluxes in oxidizing environments
473 APL Materials Silicon-doped beta-Ga2O3 films grown at 1 micron/hour by suboxide molecular beam epitaxy
472 JJAP Growth of alpha-Ga2O3 on alpha-Al2O3 by conventional MBE and metal-oxide-catalyzed epitaxy
471 APL N-polar GaN/AlGaN/AlN high electron mobility transistors on single-crystal bulk AlN substrates
470 PSS(a) 2.2 W/mm at 94 GHz in AlN/GaN/AlN High Electron-Mobility Transistors on SiC
469 PRB Defeating broken symmetry with doping: Symmetric resonant tunneling in noncentrosymmetric heterostructures
468 JAP Electric field induced migration of native point defects in Ga2O3 devices
2022 467 IEDM 2022 FerroHEMTs: High-Current and High-Speed All-Epitaxial AlScN/GaN Ferroelectric Transistors
466 Science Advances Molecular beam homoepitaxy of N-polar AlN: enabling role of Al-assisted surface cleaning
465 Phys. Rev. Applied Antiferromagnetic spin orientation and magnetic domain structure in epitaxially grown MnN using optical second harmonic generation
464 AIP Advances Molecular Beam Homoepitaxy of N-polar AlN on bulk AlN substrates
463 APL Materials Towards AlGaN channel HEMTs on AlN: Polarization-induced 2DEGs in AlN/AlGaN/AlN heterostructures
462 APL Transport properties of polarization-induced 2D electron gases in epitaxial AlScN/GaN heterojunctions
461 APL HZO-based FerroNEMS MAC for in-memory computing
460 ISAF 2022 Intrinsically switchable GHz ferroelectric ScAlN SAW resonators
459 DRC 2022 A composite TE-TFE-FE model for Schottky barrier reverse current over the entire electric field range
458 DRC 2022 First demonstration of N-polar GaN/AlGaN/AlN HEMTs on single crystal AlN substrates
457 SPIE Proc. Next-generation of III-nitride light emitters based on buried tunnel junction design
456 CLEO Probing Ultrafast Dynamics of Anharmonically Coupled Phonons in Few-Layer Hexagonal Boron Nitride
455 IEEE ARFTG Single-Sweep vs. Banded Characterizations of a D-band Ultra-Low-Loss SiC Substrate-Integrated Waveguide
454 IEEE EFTF/IFCS Multi-level Analog Programmable Graphene Resistive Memory with Fractional Channel Ferroelectric Switching in Hafnium Zirconium Oxide
453 APL High-density polarization-induced 2DEGs in N-polar pseudomorphic undoped GaN/Al0.85Ga0.15N heterostructures on single-crystal AlN substrates
452 APL Controlled Silicon doping of beta-Ga2O3 by molecular beam epitaxy
451 APL Anisotropic dielectric function, direction dependent bandap energy, band order, and indirect to direct gap crossover in alpha-(AlGa)2O3
450 ACS App. Mat. & Int. Properties for Thermally Conductive Interfaces with Wide Band Gap Materials
449 JAP X-band epi-BAW resonators
448 APEX AlN quasi-vertical Schottky barrier diode on AlN bulk substrate using AlGaN current spreading layer
447 APEX N-polar GaN pn junction diodes with low ideality factors
446 APL Materials Structural and electronic properties of NbN/GaN junctions grown by molecular beam epitaxy
445 JAP Tight-binding band structure of beta- and alpha-phase Ga2O3 and Al2O3
444 APL Epitaxial ScAlN on GaN exhibits attractive high-K dielectric properties
443 APL Distributed polarization-doped GaN p-n diodes with near-unity ideality factor and avalanche breakdown voltage of 1.25 kV
442 APL Infrared-active phonon modes and static dielectric constants in alpha-(AlGa)2O3 alloys
441 Phys. Rev. Applied Extending the kinetic and thermodynamic limits of MBE utilizing suboxide sources or metal-oxide catalyzed epitaxy
440 AIP Advances Optically pumped deep-UV multimode lasing in AlGaN double-heterostructure grown by MBE
439 PSS(a) Photoelectric generation coefficient of beta-Ga2O3 during exposure to high-energy ionizing radiation
438 JAP A unified thermionic and thermionic-field emission model for ideal Schottky reverse-bias leakage current
437 Phys. Rev. Materials Infrared dielectric functions and Brillouin zone center phonons of alpha-Ga2O3 compared to alpha-Al2O3
436 Adv. Elect. Mat. Very high density (>1e14/cm2) polarization-induced 2D hole gases observed in undoped pseudomporphic InGaN/AlN heterostructures
435 APL Quantitative scanning microwave microscopy of 2D electron and hole gases in AlN/GaN heterostructures
434 APL Materials High thermal conductivity and ultrahigh thermal boundary conductance of homoepitaxial AlN thin films
433 IEEE Trans. Magnetics Epitaxial ferrimagnetic Mn4N thin films on GaN by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
432 PSS(a) in-situ crystalline AlN passivation for reduced RF disperson in strained-channel AlN/GaN/AlN HEMTs
2021 431 IEEE TED Breakdown mechanisms in beta-Ga2O3 trench-MOS Schotty barrier diodes
430 APEX Influence of collector doping setback in the quantum transport characteristics of GaN/AlN resonant tunneling diodes
429 IEEE ICSAF Towards realizing low coercive field operation of sputtered ferroelectric AlScN
428 DRC Large-signal response of AlN/GaN/AlN HEMTs at 30 GHz
427 IEEE MTT SiC substrate-integrated waveguides for high-powe monolithic integrated circuits above 110 GHz
426 IEEE ISAF Temperature-dependent Lowering of Coercive Field in 300 nm Sputtered Ferroelectric AlScN
425 SPIE Proc. Trapping processes and band discontinuities in Ga$_2$O$_3$ FinFETs investigated by dynamic characterization and optically-assisted measurements
424 SPIE Proc. Enhanced efficiency in bottom tunnel junction InGaN blue LEDs
423 Science Advances Momentum-resolved electronic structure and band-offsets in an epitaxial NbN/GaN superconductor/semiconductor heterojunction
422 APL Polarization-induced 2D hole gases in pserudomorphic undoped GaN/AlN heterostructures on single-crystal AlN substrates
421 Phys. Rev. B Ultrafast nonlinear phonon response of few-layer hexagonal boron nitride
420 IEEE TED On-resistance of Ga2O3 trench-MOS Schottky-barrier diodes: Role of sidewall interface trapping
419 APL Materials Gamma-phase inclusions as common structural defects in alloyed beta-(AlGaN)2O3 and doped beta-Ga2O3 films
418 Phys. Rev. Research Ultrafast dynamics of gallium vacancy charge states in beta-Ga2O3
417 SST Next-generation electronics on the ultrawide-bandgap aluminum nitride platform
416 J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. Dislocation and indium droplet related emission inhomogeneities in InGaN LEDs
415 JAP High-conductivity polarization-induced 2D hole gases in undoped GaN/AlN heterojunctions enabled by impurity blocking layers
414 APL Thermal stability of epitaxial alpha-Ga2O3 and (AlGa)2O3 layers on m-plane sapphire
413 APL Materials Strong effect of scandium source purity on chemical and electronic properties of epitaxial ScAlN/GaN heterostructures
412 APL Materials Adsorption-controlled growth of Ga2O3 by sub-oxide molecular-beam epitaxy
411 APL High-frequency and below bandgap anisotropic dielectric constants in alpha-(AlxGa1-x)2O3 (0<x<1)
410 APL MBE growth and donor doping of coherent ultrawide bandgap AlGaN alloy layers on single-crystal AlN substrates
409 Science Advances An All-Epitaxial Nitride Heterostructure with Concurrent Quantum Hall Effect and Superconductivity
408 Science Advances Crystal orientation dictated epitaxy of ultrawide bandgap 5.4-8.6 eV alpha-(AlGa)2O3 on m-plane sapphire
407 PSSR Electric Fields and Surface Fermi Level in Undoped GaN/AlN 2D Hole Gas Heterostructures
406 APL Anisotropic dielectric functions, band-to-band transitions, and critical points in alpha-Ga2O3
405 JVSTA Molecular beam epitaxy of polar III-nitride resonant tunneling diodes
404 Phys. Rev. Materials An unexplored MBE growth mode reveals new properties of superconducting NbN
403 JEDS First RF Power Operation of AlN/GaN/AlN HEMTs with >3 A/mm and 3.3 W/mm at 10 GHz
2020 402 IEDM GaN/AlN p-channel HFETs with Imax>420 mA/mm and ~20 GHz fT/fmax
401 DRC Very High Parallel-Plane Surface Electric Field of 4.3 MV/cm in Gallium Oxide Schottky Barrier Diodes with PtOx Contacts
400 CLEO High internal quantum efficiency from AlGaN-delta-GaN quantum well at 260 nm
399 ECS Meeting Abstracts GaN Power Electronics and Associated Fundamental Limits
398 APL GaN/AlGaN 2DEGs in the quantum regime: Magnetotransport and photoluminescence to 60 Tesla
397 Phys. Rev. Research Unified ballistic transport relation for anisotropic dispersions and generalized dimensions
396 APL Thermionic emission or tunneling? The universal transition electric field for ideal Schottky reverse leakage current: a case study in beta-GaOx
395 Optics Express Distributed-feedback blue laser diode utilizing a tunnel junction grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
394 APL N-Polar GaN/AlN Resonant Tunneling Diodes
393 APL Epitaxial niobium nitride superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors
392 TED Prospects for Wide-Bandgap and Ultra-Wide-Bandgap CMOS Devices
391 TED Impact of Residual Carbon on Avalanche Voltage and Stability of Polarization-Induced Vertical GaN p-n Junction
390 TED Guiding Principles for Trench Schottky Barrier Diodes Based on Ultrawide Bandgap Semiconductors: A Case Study in Ga2O3
389 TED Trapping and De-Trapping Mechanisms in beta-Ga2O3 Vertical FinFETs Investigated by Electro-Optical Measurements
388 Optics Express Engineering the Berreman mode in mid-infrared polar materials
387 APL Structural and Piezoelectric Properties of ultra-thin ScAlN Films grown on GaN by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
386 APL Intra- and Inter-Conduction Band Optical Absorption Processes in beta-Ga2O3
385 APL Light-Emitting Diodes With AlN Polarization-Induced Buried Tunnel Junctions: A Second Look
384 APL Bottom Tunnel Junction Blue Light-Emitting Field-Effect Transistors
383 APL Surface control and MBE growth diagram for homoepitaxy on single-crystal AlN substrates
382 APL Spin-orbit torque field-effect transistor (SOTFET): Proposal for a magnetoelectric memory
381 Optical Materials Express Epitaxial Superconducting Tunnel Diodes for Energy Resolved Light Detection
380 SPIE Proceedings Monolithically p-down nitride laser diodes and LEDs obtained by MBE using buried tunnel junction design
379 AIP Advances Magnetic properties of MBE grown Mn4N on MgO, SiC, GaN, and Al2O3 substrates
378 APL Near-ideal reverse leakage current and practical maximum electric field in beta-Ga2O3 Schottky barrier diodes
377 APL Molecular Beam Homoepitaxy on bulk AlN enabled by aluminum-assisted surface cleaning
376 PSS(a) All-Epitaxial Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonators
375 PSS(a) Degradation mechanisms of GaN-based vertical devices: a review
374 PSS(b) Oxygen Incorporation in the MBE growth of ScGaN and ScAlN
373 EDL GaN HEMTs on Silicon with Regrown Ohmic Contacts and fT/fMax Oscillation Frequencies of 250/204 GHz
372 Phys. Rev. Applied Fighting Broken Symmetry with Doping: Towards Polar Resonant Tunneling Diodes with Symmetric Characteristics
371 APL Multiferroic LuFeO3 on GaN by MBE
370 APL Gallium nitride tunneling field-effect transistors exploiting polarization fields
369 PSS(a) MBE of Transition Metal Nitrides for Superconducting Device Applications
368 Chalcogenide Layered 2D selenides and tellurides grown by MBE
367 PSS(b) MBE growth of large-area GaN/AlN 2D hole gas heterostructures
366 APL Materials Fully transparent field-effect transistor with high drain current and on-off ratio
365 ECS Journal SST Nitride LEDs and Lasers with Buried Tunnel Junctions
364 Optics Letters GaN/AlN quantum-disk nanorod 280 nm deep ultraviolet light emitting diodes by molecular beam epitaxy
363 Optics Express Enhanced injection efficiency and light output in bottom tunnel-junction LEDs
2019 362 JXCDC Materials Relevant to Realizing a Field-Effect Transistor Based on Spin-Orbit Torques
361 IEDM GaN/AlN Schottky-gate p-channel HFETs with InGaN contacts and 100 mA/mm on-current
360 IEDM Single and multi-fin normally-off Ga2O3 vertical transistors with a breakdown voltage over 2.6 kV
359 DRC Efficient InGaN p-Contacts for deep-UV Light Emitting Diodes
358 DRC A Single-Device Embodiment of XNOR Logic: TransiXNOR
357 DRC Buried tunnel junction for p-down nitride laser diodes
356 DRC Field-plated Ga2O3 trench Schottky barrier diodes with a record high figure-of-merit of 0.78 GW/cm^2
355 DRC Barrier Height Stability and Reverse Leakage Mechanisms in Ni/Ga2O3 (001) Schottky Barrier Diodes
354 IEEE MTT GaN-based multi-channel transistors with lateral gate for linear and efficient millimeter-wave power amplifiers
353 SPIE Proc. New physics in GaN resonant tunneling diodes
352 ECS Meeting Abstracts High-Voltage $\beta$-Ga$_2$O$_3$ vertical Power Diodes and Transistors with Fin Channels
351 ISPSD 1.6 kV vertical Ga$_2$O$_3$ FinFETs with source-connected field plates and normally-off operation
350 ECS Meeting Abstracts Recent Progress of GaN-Based Vertical Devices
349 EDL Field-Plated Ga2O3 Trench Schottky Barrier Diodes with a BV2/Ronsp of up to 0.95 GW/cm2
348 JXCDC Modeling and Circuit Design of Associative Memories with Spin-Orbit Torque FETs
347 APEX High-Mobility 2DEGs at AlGaN/GaN heterostructures grown on GaN bulk wafers and GaN template substrates
346 npj2Dmaterials Room-Temperature Graphene-Nanoribbon Tunneling Field-Effect Transistors
345 JAP Thermal Conductivity of crystalline AlN and the influence of atomic-scale defects
344 TED Breakdown Walkout in Polarization-Doped Vertical GaN Diodes
343 APL MBE growth of ScN on hexagonal SiC, GaN, and AlN
342 Science A polarization-induced 2D Hole Gas in undoped Gallium Nitride Quantum Wells
341 ECS Trans. GaN-Based Multiple 2DEG Channel BRIDGE (Buried Dual Gate) HEMT Technology for High Power and Linearity
340 JAP Magnetotransport and superconductivity in InBi films grown on Si(111) by molecular beam epitaxy
339 Phys. Rev. Lett. Route to High Hole Mobility in GaN via Reversal of Crystal-Field Splitting
338 PRB Hole mobility of strained GaN from first principles
337 APL Significantly reduced thermal conductivity in beta-AlGaO/GaO superlattices
336 EDL High Breakdown Voltage in RF AlN/GaN/AlN Quantum Well HEMTs
335 APL Materials Self-assembly and properties of domain walls in BiFeO3 layers grown via molecular-beam epitaxy
334 APL Wurtzite phonons and the mobility of a GaN/AlN 2D hole gas
333 Appl. Surf. Sci. Unusual step meandering due to Ehrlich-Schwoebel barrier in GaN epitaxy on the N-polar surface
332 Phys. Rev. Materials Rotationally aligned hexagonal boron nitride on sapphire by high-temperature molecular beam epitaxy
331 JJAP Blue (In, Ga) N light-emitting diodes with buried n+–p+ tunnel junctions by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
330 JAP Polarization control in nitride quantum well light emitters enabled by bottom tunnel-junctions
329 APEX Fin-channel orientation dependence of forward conduction in kV-class Ga2O3 trench Schottky barrier diodes
328 JJAP Realization of GaN PolarMOS using selective-area regrowth by MBE and its breakdown mechanisms
327 JJAP The new nitrides: layered, ferroelectric, magnetic, metallic and superconducting nitrides to boost the GaN photonics and electronics eco-system
326 APL Bandgap narrowing and Mott transition in Si-doped Al0.7Ga0.3N
325 Phys. Rev. Applied Broken symmetry effects due to polarization on resonant tunneling transport in double-barrier nitride heterostructures
324 APEX Thickness dependence of superconductivity in ultrathin NbS2
2018 323 APL Measurement of ultrafast dynamics of photoexcited carriers in β-Ga2O3 by two-color optical pump-probe spectroscopy
322 IEDM 2.44 kV Ga2O3 vertical trench Schottky barrier diodes with very low reverse leakage current
321 IEDM Demonstration of avalanche capability in polarization-doped vertical GaN pn diodes: study of walkout due to residual carbon concentration
320 EDL Gate-recessed E-mode p-channel HFET with high on-current based on GaN/AlN 2D hole gas
319 APL 1230 V β-Ga2O3 trench Schottky barrier diodes with an ultra-low leakage current of <1 μA/cm2
318 APL Breakdown mechanism in 1 kA/cm2 and 960 V E-mode β-Ga2O3 vertical transistors
317 DRC 1.5 kV Vertical Ga2O3Trench-MIS Schottky Barrier Diodes
316 DRC Realization of the First GaN Based Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor
315 Micro. Rel. Degradation of GaN-on-GaN vertical diodes submitted to high current stress
314 SPIE Proc. Demonstration of AlGaN-delta-GaN QW by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy for 260-nm ultraviolet light emitting diodes
313 ISPSD Enhancement of punch-through voltage in GaN with buried p-type layer utilizing polarization-induced doping
312 IEEE IRMMW-THz Synchronized plasma wave resonances in ultrathin-membrane GaN heterostructures
311 TED Development of GaN Vertical Trench-MOSFET With MBE Regrown Channel
310 JAP Comparison of unit cell coupling for grating-gate and high electron mobility transistor array THz resonant absorbers
309 APL Activation of buried p-GaN in MOCVD-regrown vertical structures
308 JEDS 75 Years of the Device Research Conference: A History Worth Repeating
307 EDL Enhancement-Mode Ga2O3 Vertical Transistors With Breakdown Voltage >1 kV
306 APL Room temperature microwave oscillations in GaN/AlN resonant tunneling diodes with peak current densities up to 220 kA/cm2
305 Nature GaN/NbN epitaxial semiconductor/superconductor heterostructures
304 TED A New Holistic Model of 2-D Semiconductor FETs
303 TED Steep Sub-Boltzmann Switching in AlGaN/GaN Phase-FETs With ALD VO2
302 JCG MBE growth of few-layer 2H-MoTe2 on 3D substrates
301 APL 234 nm and 246 nm AlN-Delta-GaN quantum well deep ultraviolet light-emitting diodes
2017 300 Adv. Elect. Mat. Ultrawide Bandgap Semiconductors: Research Opportunities and Challenges
299 CLEO Tunnel-junction p-contact sub-250 nm deep-UV LEDs
298 DRC Vertical fin Ga2O3power field-effect transistors with on/off ratio >10^9
297 DRC GaN vertical nanowire and fin power MISFETs
296 DRC 600 V GaN vertical V-trench MOSFET with MBE regrown channel
295 DRC High-temperature p-type polarization doped AlGaN cladding for sub-250 nm deep-UV quantum well LEDs by MBE
294 DRC Wide-bandgap Gallium Nitride p-channel MISFETs with enhanced performance at high temperature
293 DRC Experimental demonstration of enhanced terahertz coupling to plasmon in ultra-thin membrane AlGaN/GaN HEMT arrays
292 DRC S-shaped negative differential resistance in III-Nitride blue quantum-well laser diodes grown by plasma-assisted MBE
291 CLEO Two-pulse photoluminescence correlation technique for studying ultrafast carrier dynamics in deep-UV few monolayer thick nitride quantum wells
290 CLEO 246 nm AlN-delta-GaN quantum well ultraviolet light-emitting diode
289 APL Materials Adsorption-controlled growth of La-doped BaSnO3 by molecular-beam epitaxy
288 Phys. Rev. X New Tunneling Features in Polar III-Nitride Resonant Tunneling Diodes
287 APL Deep-UV emission at 219 nm from ultrathin MBE GaN/AlN quantum heterostructures
286 APL Terahertz spectroscopy of an electron-hole bilayer system in AlN/GaN/AlN quantum wells
285 EDL 1.1-kV vertical GaN pn diodes with p-GaN regrown by molecular beam epitaxy
284 APL Single-crystal N-polar GaN p-n diodes by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
283 APL Electron mobility in polarization-doped Al0-0.2GaN with a low concentration near 1017 /cm3
282 Nano Lett. Hot electron transistor with van der Waals base-collector heterojunction and high-performance GaN emitter
281 APL Physics and Polarization Characteristics of 298 nm AlN-delta-GaN Quantum Well UV LEDs
280 TED Design and realization of GaN trench junction-barrier-Schottky-diodes (JBSD)
279 JJAP ICP-RIE etching of single-crystal beta-Ga2O3
278 APL Strained GaN Quantum-Well FETs on Single-Crystal Bulk AlN Substrates
277 APL MBE-grown 232-270 nm deep-UV LEDs using monolayer-thin binary GaN/AlN quantum heterostructures
2016 276 APL Deep-UV Emission from Ultra-Thin GaN/AlN Heterostructures
275 IEDM Two-dimensional heterojunction interlayer tunnel FET (Thin-TFET): From theory to applications
274 DRC Introducing the spiked p-n junction for tunnel devices and current gain
273 DRC First demonstration of strained AlN/GaN/AlN quantum well FETs on SiC
272 DRC Fermi level tunability of a novel 2D crystal: Tin Diselenide (SnSe2)
271 DRC Vertical Ga2O3Schottky barrier diodes on single-crystal β-Ga2O3(−201) substrates
270 DRC GaN tunnel switch diodes
269 JMM Structural Properties of (Sn,Mn)Se2 - a New 2D Magnetic Semiconductor with Potential for Spintronic Applications
268 CLEO 250 nm deep UV LED using GaN/AlN heterostructures on bulk AlN substrates
267 DRC Demonstration of GaN HyperFETs with ALD VO$_2$
266 IEEE LEC Comparing buffer leakage in PolarMOSH on SiC and free-standing GaN substrates
265 IEEE Nano Novel III-N heterostructure devices for low-power logic and more
264 ECS Meeting Abstracts Recent Progress in GaN Power Devices with BV> 1200 V
263 ECS Meeting Abstracts Gallium Oxide Based Materials and Devices
262 ECS Meeting Abstracts Layered Semiconductor Materials and Device Applications
261 CS Mantech GaN Nanowire MISFETs for Low-Power Applications
260 APL Intrinsic electron mobility limits in beta-Ga2O3
259 Nature Rev. Materials Two-Dimensional Semiconductors for Transistors
258 Sc. Rep. Layered transition metal dichalcogenides: promising near-lattice-matched substrates for GaN growth
257 ACS Nano Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Air Exposure Effects on MBE-Grown WSe2 Monolayers and Bilayers
256 APL Materials Room temperature weak ferromagnetism in SnxMn1-xSe2 2D films grown by molecular beam epitaxy
255 APL Large electron concentration modulation using capacitance enhancement in SrTiO3/SmTiO3 Fin-FETs
254 JJAP Sub-230 nm deep-UV emission from GaN quantum disks in AlN grown by a modified Stranski-Krastanov mode
253 JJAP High-quality InN films on GaN using graded InGaN buffers by MBE
252 JMR Controllable growth of layered selenide and telluride heterostructures and superlattices using MBE
251 EDL 1.7 kV and 0.55 mOhm.cm2 GaN p-n diodes on Bulk GaN substrates with Avalanche Capability
250 EDL Ultralow-Leakage AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on Si with Non-Alloyed Regrown Ohmic Contacts
2015 249 APL Near unity ideality factor and Shockley-Read_Hall lifetime in GaN-on-GaN p-n diodes with avalanche breakdown
248 DRC Deep-UV LEDs using polarization-induced doping: Electroluminescence at cryogenic temperatures
247 DRC High-voltage polarization-induced vertical heterostructure p-n junction diodes on bulk GaN substrates
246 DRC Unique opportunity to harness polarization in GaN to override the conventional power electronics figure-of-merits
245 IEDM Steep subthreshold swing tunnel FETs: GaN/InN/GaN and transition metal dichalcogenide channels
244 IEDM GaN-on-GaN pn power diodes with 3.48 kV and 0.95 mOhm-cm2: A record high figure-of-merit of 12.8 GW/cm2
243 CLEO Localized surface phonon polariton resonators in GaN
242 ISPSD Design and optimization of GaN lateral polarization-doped super-junction (LPSJ): An analytical study
241 IEEE Intermag MBE-grown Mn-doped SnSe$_2$ 2D films on GaAs (111) B substrates
240 APL High breakdown single-crystal GaN p-n diodes by molecular beam epitaxy
239 APL Ferroelectric transition in compressively strained SrTiO3 thin films
238 APL Polarization-induced Zener tunnel diodes in GaN/InGaN/GaN heterojunctions
237 Nano Lett. Esaki Diodes in van der Waals Heterojunctions with Broken-Gap Energy Band Alignment
236 Phys. Rev. B Determination of the Mott-Hubbard gap in GdTiO3
235 APL Localized surface phonon polariton resonances in polar gallium nitride
234 JXCDS Transistor Switches using Active Piezoelectric Gate Barriers
233 JXCDS Polarization-Engineered III-Nitride Heterojunction Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors
232 2D Materials Comprehensive structural and optical characterization of MBE-grown MoSe2 on graphite, CaF2, and graphene
231 JCG Low-temperature AlN growth by MBE and its application in HEMTs
230 APL Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity in Single-Crystal beta-Gallium Oxide
229 EDL 1.9 kV AlGaN/GaN lateral Schottky barrier diodes on Silicon
228 JEDS 2-dimensional heterojunction interlayer tunneling FETs (Thin-TFETs)
227 APL Dual optical marker Raman characterization of strained GaN channels on AlN using AlN/GaN/AlN quantum wells and 15N isotopes
226 2D Materials Carrier statistics and quantum capacitance effects on mobility extraction in 2D crystal FETs
225 APL Synthesized multiwall MoS2 nanotube and nanoribbon FETs
224 APL Materials Graphene nanoribbon FETs on wafer-scale epitaxial graphene on SiC substrates
2014 223 Nature Materials 2D Crystal Semiconductors: Intimate Contacts (News & Views)
222 IEDM Sub 60mV/decade Steep Transistors with Compliant Piezoelectric Gate Barriers
221 DRC Characteristics of InAlN/AlN/GaN MOSHEMTs with steeper than 60 mV/decade sub-threshold slopes in the deep sub-threshold region
220 DRC Vertical heterojunction of MoS2 and WSe2
219 DRC Lateral transport in two-dimensional heterojunction interlayer tunneling field effect transistor (Thin-TFET)
218 DRC GaN lateral PolarSJs: Polarization-doped super junctions
217 IEEE Trans. Ckt. & Sys. Energy-efficient clocking based on resonant switching for low-power computation
216 SPIE Proc. Boost in deep-UV electroluminescence from tunnel-injection GaN/AlN quantum dot LEDs by polarization-induced doping
215 CLEO Temperature dependence of sub-220nm emission from GaN/AlN quantum structures by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy
214 ECS Meeting Abstracts Electron Device Potential of 2D Crystal Semiconductors
213 ECS Trans. Challenges and Opportunities in the Design of Tunnel FETs: Materials, Device Architectures, and Defects
212 Microscopy & Microanalysis Atomic structure of thin MoSe$_2$ films grown by molecular beam epitaxy
211 Silicon Nano. Workshop Electron transport in 2D crystal semiconductors and their device applications
210 Silicon Nano. Workshop AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMT on silicon with steep sub-threshold swing< 60 mV/dec over 6 orders of drain current swing and relation to traps
209 APL Exfoliated MoTe2 Field-Effect Transistors
208 APL Au-gated SrTiO3 field-effect transistors with large electron concentration and current modulation
207 Appl. Surf. Sci. Strain sensitivity in the nitrogen 1s NEXAFS spectra of gallium nitride
206 JVST Faceted sidewall etching of n-GaN on sapphire by photoelectrochemical wet processing
205 APL High-performance photocurrent generation from 2D WS2 FETs
204 Phys. Rev. B First-principles study of high-field related electronic behavior of group-III nitrides
203 APEX Plasma-MBE growth conditions of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on Silicon and their device characteristics with epitaxially regrown ohmic contacts
202 TED Optimum band gap and supply voltage in tunnel FETs
201 Phys. Rev. Lett. Intrinsic Mobility Limiting Mechanisms in Strontium Titanate
200 Phys. Rev. X Charge Scattering and Mobility in Atomically Thin Semiconductors
199 APL High-Voltage Field-Effect Transistors with Wide-Bandgap Ga2O3 Nanomembranes
198 Phys. Rev. X A Computational Study of Metal-Contacts to Monolayer Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Semiconductors
197 EDL GaN Heterostructure Barrier Diodes (HBD) exploiting Polarization-induced Delta-doping
196 APL Two-dimensional electron gases in strained quantum wells for AlN/GaN/AlN double heterostructures FETs on AlN
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